About me

Selfportrait with the seahorseMy name is Elzbieta (Ela) Kurowska and I am an avid photographer
and traveler.  Every year I take numerous trips.  Some are short and
sweet and very close to home (which is in South Western Ontario, Canada),
others take me much farther to other parts of Canada, the US or overseas.
I usually travel alone or in the company of my husband (he helps me to carry my
photography equipment :)).  Oh, and I also should mention that I love
planning and organizing all my travels.  Just show me a spot on the map
and I will dig out all kinds of interesting information about what to visit.

My travel bug often takes me to South America. There I often end up doing high
altitude treks in remote parts of Andes in Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador. Just me
and my husband, a local guide, a cook, a few porters and some pack animals for
a few weeks.  I can’t exactly explain what attracts me to these mountains.
Maybe it’s the high I get from oxygen deprivation. I even have decided to learn Spanish to better understand the wonderful cultures of the region and to make my experience as authentic as possible.  Spanish is now my third language, after English and my native Polish.

When I am not travelling, I experiment with macro photography at home.  I have developed a new technique that
captures spectacular visual effects displayed by organic gels in polarized light.  My gel art photography is featured on the website lightforms.ca.